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Why an Isolated Home Fire Calls for a Complete Home Restoration

Home fires are devastating, and even a small fire that affects a single room calls for you to have the entire property inspected and cleaned. Learn why your small, isolated home fire requires professional restoration.

Smoke Lingers

Smoke does not remain isolated in the area where the home fire occurred. Smoke is filled with noxious chemicals, including:
  • Acid gas
  • Nitrogen oxide
  • Benzene
  • Aldehyde
Carbon dioxide is also found in smoke residue. Exposure to smoke left from a home fire makes your family ill, particularly those who have allergies, asthma, or heart and respiratory conditions.

Since smoke residue embeds itself in carpeting and furniture, inside closets and cupboards, and on walls and ceilings, you need to have your home professionally remediated to remove all layers of smoke and soot. Smoke residue can be found months after a fire incident, so have your home professionally cleaned right away, including the basement and attic areas.

Fire Damage Can Remain Unseen

A home fire can burn at over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and the heat from this will destroy many parts of your house. The heat spreads from the localized source, melting plastics and man-made fibers in furniture and flooring, warping countertops, and causing other types of damage. The only materials safe from a fire in the home are solid metal items, such as jewelry or coins.

Fire damage is often unseen, but after assessing the main damage to your home, you'll experience flooring that is uneven or bubbled, cupboard or closet doors that won't shut, appliances that are partially melted, carpeting that is singed, and other signs that your home needs to be fully restored.

Write down all the issues you see in your home related to the fire damage, and report them to your insurance company as well as to your fire restoration expert.

Fire Affects Electrical Wiring

A home fire will destroy electrical wiring, causing power surges and electrical problems throughout the home. Outlets are connected to the breaker switches on the box, which means a line of circuitry in the home can serve more than one room. If a fire occurred in a single room, electrical problems will exist in other areas of the home that share the same circuitry as the compromised electrical sources.

Remember: Unchecked faulty or damaged wiring in the home can lead to another fire. Electrical fires in the home are caused by short-circuiting and other issues. Hire a fire restoration company to fully survey your home to identify electrical damage that can be potentially dangerous in the home.

Insurance Covers Restoration

Homeowners' insurance typically covers the cost of home restoration following a fire. This includes smoke and fire damage and the replacement or repair of damaged personal belongings.

The sooner you file an insurance claim on your home's minimal fire damage, the sooner restoration can begin. Your responsibility as a homeowner is to acquire restoration quotes from a certified fire and smoke remediation company to submit to your insurance company.

Fire and smoke remediation can be a long process. You'll need to vacate your home while the property is restored, so speak to your insurance agent about coverage for rental properties or hotel expenses. Your smoke and fire remediation expert will give you an estimate on how long repairs should take.

Just because a fire in the home didn't completely destroy your property doesn't mean you don’t need professional services. Never attempt to clean up the aftermath of a fire yourself — you risk exposure to smoke particles that can damage your lungs and overall health.

Fire damage in the home, even from a localized fire, is costly and potentially dangerous. Trust our experts at Piedmont Disaster Services to make your home safe to live in again. Call us today for a restoration quote.


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