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Water Damage Recovery in Charlotte, North Carolina

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When Water Damage Happens to You

Water damage can be caused by myriad circumstances. Natural weather events such as flooding caused by rain, storms or snow are common culprits, but not as common as you’d think. Most of the time, water damage is caused by things already in or around your home. An electrical malfunction could cause your dishwasher to overflow, and a clogged drain can cause a sewer system backup and flood. Broken pipes are also a common enemy, especially in the winter when vulnerable pipes freeze.

Unresolved Issues Present Risks to Your Loved Ones

If we said that death was a risk of unresolved water damage issues, most people wouldn’t believe us. It’s easy to believe that flooding and water damage can cost you significant expense in furniture and property repairs. It’s common knowledge that unresolved issues cause further damage to your pipes and raise your water bill. But what if we told you that water damage really is a health risk?

More Than a Common Cold

The health risks associated with water damage go beyond the irritation and respiratory symptoms caused by mold growth. In fact, these health risks come straight from the water itself, not the aftereffects. Water damage is categorized into 3 categories, and only “Category 1” is considered “safe water.” Categories 2 and 3 are referred to as “gray” and “black” water. This water comes from broken toilets, septic systems or dishwashers, which means that the water is filled with bacteria. This bacteria can cause debilitating illness, health complications and even death.
If your home has been damaged by water, call our office immediately. Our expert team is available 24 hours a day. We are specially trained to remove excess water, restore hygienic standards and repair damaged areas.
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