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Meet the Founder of Piedmont Roofing Services

Ronald Pierce
Ron served in the Army as a helicopter technician and, after his noteworthy release, he then moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. In Charlotte, he then met his significant other. His wife, Eloney, who is initially from the Philippines, has been a nurse at Carolina Medical Center for over 28 years. They are proud parents of 2 beautiful daughters, Kristina and Karen.
After working with US Airways through the 1990s as a jumbo-jet technician, he began to develop his skills in construction. It wasn’t until he passed the North Carolina General Contractors Exam in 1999, that he then established his own business. Ron continues to reside in Charlotte and has recently finished his book called “Pissed Off” that completely clarifies his legal battle with the insurance companies and the North Carolina Department of Insurance.
What inspired him to write about the insurance/protection business, in general, was his experience with the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. In 2005, he went through Louisiana and onto Beaumont, Texas, to do complete clean-up projects after the storm. What he has seen and experienced there was simply unimaginable: individuals with their lives in depression and turmoil on rooftops, trees laid spread across entire houses, people stranded and searching for a spot to stay without success. And after all of this, the insurance agencies having a go at everything conceivable to escape paying for what they were lawfully in charge of paying. This to him was a reminder.
He returned to Charlotte and began another construction company called Clear Choice Construction LLC. Furthermore, he began realizing what was and what was not in the protection approach and how it connected toward the North Carolina Building Codes.
Over the next few years, he has heard pretty much every fabrication that there is, with reference to why insurance company agents would not do their job fairly. The development of the NC Advocate was to provide a voice to North Carolina for those who do not have one.